Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why should I participate in City of Water Day?

The water that surrounds us is one of the most magnificent and underutilized harbors and waterways in the world.  At City of Water Day you can be on the waterfront, have fun, and learn how to get involved.

You and your friends and family will be able to eat, relax, listen to music, participate in waterfront-related activities, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Harbor from Governors Island and Liberty State Park.

2) If I don’t kayak or row or sail, what will there be for me to do on Governors Island or Liberty State Park?

There will be many different fun activities on Governors Island and at Liberty State Park: thematic boat tours, walking tours, fishing, a waterfront information fair, biking including bike rental, a jump castle for kids, food, live music and more.

3) Is there a cost for City of Water Day?

City of Water Day is a free event.

4) How can I make sure City of Water Day continues each year?

Even though City of Water Day is free, it requires donated time, money, and supplies from generous individuals and organizations. 

If you own or represent a business and would like to be a City of Water Day Sponsor, click here.

Individuals can volunteer at City of Water Day, click here for more information on volunteering.

Individuals are also encouraged to make a donation to the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance to help us cover expenses - a suggested donation amount would be the ticket price you'd expect to pay at an event this great!

5) How do I get to Governors Island and/or Liberty State Park?

Please see the menu options above for directions under the Locations tab.

Check back for information about ferries traveling between Governors Island and Liberty State Park.

6) Will there be food at City of Water Day?

Yes, you will be able to purchase catered food at both venues and you can also feel free to bring a picnic meal if you want.  Barbecuing and alcoholic beverages are not allowed at both Governors Island and Liberty State Park.   We recommend bringing your own drinking water.

7) I’m still not sure whether I can commit.  Is there somewhere I can check for updates?

Sure!  If you put your contact info (phone, email, and mailing address) into this contact page with your request: we will confirm and keep you updated.